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T-28D Thai AF trainer, Chaing Mai airport, ca. 1965

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Hello all,


Here is my little Heller T-28D, finished as a Royal Thai AF trainer. Although an older kit, this is a pretty nicely detailed model, with delicate raised panel lines and rivets. The air intake on top of the cowling (correct for a French style Fennec but not for a D) was removed and the exhaust pipes drilled out. I also removed the hardwing pylons and added some aftermarket parts and scratched items:


- Quickboost resin engine (some ignition wiring was added)
- Armory resin wheels
- Pavla resin cockpit (this particular aircraft was actually fitted with ejection seats, so I modified the Pavla seats to resemble this)
- Scratchbuilt tail fin antenna using stretched sprue
- Taurus vacform canopy
- Whirlybits resin pylons, rocket launchers and gunpods
- SUU-14 dispensers are taken from Academy’s A-37 kit
- Bombs from the spares box


SEA colours are Gunze paints. The sharkmouth is airbrushed, piece by piece - quite a tedious masking job, but worth the effort I think. Decals are a mixture of Siam Scale national markings, Techmod Black & White numbering, data stencils from the kit and my own artwork decal for the tail badge (actually bits and pieces from various decals puzzled together). Weathering is done by airbrush shading & highlights, followed by oil filters / streaks.


I really enjoyed this build: the Heller kit allows for a pretty straightforward construction and is a welcome basis for some add-ons and detailing, I am quite happy how this one turned out. 


Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Comments always welcome, all the best!!



















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Masterfully done! Congratulations!

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Wonderful build, properly tooled up as well!

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Job well done! I really like how you handled weathering, especially on the upper surfaces. One comment if I may - the tires are too shiny, they bounce too much light. I would apply a proper coat of mat varnish to make it look more like a rubber material. 

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Fabulous work with this venerable 1/72nd kit!


All your hard work has really paid off – as Volker R. remarked above, it really looks like a 1/48th kit, at least.


Inspiring modelling!


Kind regards,



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A Real stunner, especially knowing the base kit 😳

Seeing the pictures, no one can take the scale and that's the mark of success . 

Thanks for sharing.

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