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1/72 aircraft:

Farman F40 (even the Veterans resin one)

Breguet XIX (waiting for an injected kit better than HitKit - BTW it's very hard to imagine any worse than HK)


1/72 AFV:

Leopard 2A4 (Dragon)

M47 Patton (Polistil or a new tool needed eagerly)

M59 APC (injected, a new tool needed eagerly)

M114 ((injected, a new tool needed eagerly)

FNSS ACV-15 (injected, a new tool badly needed) - there are so may M113s on the market (Italeri, Trumpeter, S-model) to use as the basis for the decent YPR-765/ACV-15 family



HMS Vanguard battleship

USS Midway/FDR/Coral Sea (straight deck configuration, prior to the SBC-110 mods)

USS Enterprise CVN-65 (Dragon 7130 if anybody has seen it in reality)






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