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Lukgraph Hawker Nimrod MK.I 1/32 resin kit

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The photographs in the instructions in the Nimrod kit are mine too 😅 I shared them with Lukasz for the development of this kit. You can see my name is mentioned on the page : Glijn Van Driessche

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Hi here is the third part of my Nimrod build. I did not get very far because I made a mess of things on the underside and got too much into small details where I made scratch build versions of PE and 3D parts. I used slow setting CA glue to glue the body together working in small parts at a time. But I missed a beat on the front just behind the radiator. I thought that I held the part long enough but it changed position and I had a step. And just at a place littered with raised rivets of course. So, I needed to make a new part. Then I noticed on the photographs that there was a fairing behind the radiator so I made that too. The chin radiator is also on a spot with raised rivets but fairing it in without damaging the rivets is not possible so they had to go…











The bathtub radiator under the body is not so easy to fit without any help to see where it is just in the middle. Think I got it a fraction out of center.. The louvres in the front need to be thinned, so that was next.

The bottom wings were next to get messed up.. I cleaned the left wing attachment just a bit too good, when it was glued I noticed that it was out of alignment but not before the glue dried… out came the saw and I sawed it off and put in a little plastic triangle that corrected the problem… resin kits always fun 😉



So, what did I do with the details. I noticed that under the nose there are parts of the engine bearing that stick out, but at first I did not want to make them while I was still thinking of building the kit OOB… but since it is a prominent detail I could not let it be so I cut two holes under the nose based on my photographs and made the little bearing pieces, both in aluminum, 3mm long and build out of 14 pieces. In the mean time I also used the PE panels without too much problems, my new ZAP Z-Poxy works wonders. 









The Aldis gunsight provided in the kit is nice but I wanted it a bit slimmer based on my photographs so I made it in brass. In reality it sits in tubes sticking out on top of the body so I put in a couple of tubes on top and the sight fits right in. I can drop it in after painting so that is better. Of course when pushing in one of the tubes in a just too small hole a gap formed … repair and sand once again.







The bead sight is provided as PE but I thought it was a bit flat, so I scratch build a new one to be closer to the photographs. Took me a couple of hours for something so small. Build out of 9 individual parts and to join the two long parts together I soldered two brass rings together, they are made from 0,7mm brass tubes and are 0,3mm long. I think using superglue would not have worked because they are so tiny. 


Kit PE part








My scratch build part, looks better in reality than enlarged so much in a photograph, it is only 5 mm long..





Dry fitted the sight parts, I will only glue them in at the end, they can simply be dropped in.







I mocked up the tail hook pieces, I wanted to drill the two attachment points out to get a better fit for the brass pieces. Drilling with a small drill went ok but I needed to widen the hole and while using a bigger drill got to close to the border and then the part broke… you would have thought that I learned but no… Wanting to drill a hole in the hook part were the two long brass parts could go in it broke too. So in the end I scratch build the entire tail hook piece with the exception of the hook itself.. I soldered the two long parts together of course. The soldered pieced are not yet attached to the two attachments, I will only do that after painting!





Not on the photographs but the lower wings were attached too. What takes a lot of time too is the cleaning of the 3D parts, if you do not do it you will see the ridges under the Silver paint, but if you clean them up you run the risk of sanding down the very nice raised details Lukasz made... so its up to the modeller to make a decision...


So that's it for the moment :-)


Keep safe!

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21 hours ago, Marklo said:

Beautiful work. Must add another Fury family build to the collection sooner rather than later.

Thank you 😀


Yes the Fury and the Nimrod must be some of the most beautifull biplanes around! 

21 hours ago, bigbadbadge said:

Some great scratch work,  I like the sight parts, amazing. 



Thanks Chris they came out ok!


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