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1/48 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.3 (Kinetic)

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Hello fellas!


As I was reading the book of Sq. Ld. Jerry Pook and learning more about the almighty mud movers actions during the 'South Atlantic' conflict in 1982, Kinetic released it's long-waited 1/48 Harrier GR.3, so I have no other choice than proceed!! Hahaha...


A very very enjoyable kit to build.  Definitely -in my opinion- several steps forward on comparison with their previous Harriers.

About the ordnance, and discarding the Sidewinders, the RN rocket pods on the outboards pylon and a CBU BL-755 on central pylon appears to be more accurate with some of the Falklands actions.  A flight of Harrier GR.3 with rockets made a decisive and fatal blast on the last push on the ground battle for Goose Green.


No aftermarkets where used on this kit, but there are only 2 variants to it: the addition of a 1/48 Tamiya pilot (from an old A-10) and a slightly customization of the ADEN 30 mm cannon pods drilling the vent holes.


So, enough talking, let the photos show you my tribute to this legend.

Next one will be the F-5 Tiger III of the Chilean Air Force (FACH).


Best wishes from Chile and happy modelling to all!



































BAe Harrier GR.3


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On 22/01/2021 at 10:41, exdraken said:


Nice work in the rocket pods!

Are they from the kit?





Yes, there are 2 options of rocket pods: the SNEBs from RAF (19 rockets, regularly used by GR.3) and the Royal Navy's pods (36 2-inch rockets, which were used during Falklands war, because the SNEB could be triggered by the CV radars). 

You have to work on them, as both options comes with the heads of the rockets protruding from the pods (the instructions are clear about this issue). I used my modeller knife and a little bit of sanding to cut the tips of the rockets. There are some fine aftermarkets too.  

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Nicely done Cris. You did a good job salvaging the 2-inch rocket pods.


These comments are to help ALL Harrier modellers with this kit, as some final corrections we made to the instructions and markings were sadly not included in the final printed (photocopied) documents... (Don't ask me why!)


I know, modellers never read the instructions but, with this kit, and the AV8A and AV8S (AMMO-Mig) boxings I urge all modellers to DEFINITELY READ them. 

I also recommend modellers do a quick internet search for photographs of the Harrier they are making a model of, they will be helpful!

Remember... Harriers are complex beasts! 


Here's 1  general tip and 3 specific to XZ997 when red-31 on HMS Hermes during Operation Corporate...

1. Tailplane anhedral - We asked for a rear view diagram to be included (it wasn't) to show that the tailplanes have similar anhedral to the wings and are not horizontal to the ground. 

2. XZ997/31 had red 31s on the fin above the fin flash - that's why they are on the decal sheet! (For some reason they decal placement for the fin 31s have fallen off the printed drawings.)

3. On Hermes, XZ997/31's port tank had Oxford Blue undersides to tone down the original Light Aircraft Grey. (Why Oxford Blue? Hermes had used up its stocks of grey!)

4. XZ997 only had the T-shaped VHF aerial after it's time in the Falklands when it joined the Harrier units in RAF Germany; VHF being needed for operations in Germany.

5. Unlike the RAF's Matra 155 rocket pods, the Royal Navy's 2-inch rocket pods did not have frangible covers in the nose cone over the rocket tubes.


If anyone has any questions about the new Kinetic and AMMO-Mig Harrier kits (or any Harrier kits) please PM me including your direct email address for a reply.

For the Harrier SIG, I've done pdf "Build Watchouts" for the  GR1/GR3 and AV8A to help with some of the complexities which I can send you.


All the best






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