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Hello everybody

Looking for some help please


I am building the Flyhawk Deluxe 1/700 Bismark with PE

The problem I have is I have two instruction sheets for the PE but none of them covers the railing identification for the forward superstructure from the second deck up from the main deck all the way to the bridge and deck above.


Not sure if this instruction sheet was left out of the kit or your meant to guess yourself which railings to use.

Has anyone built this deluxe kit and can help please.


Thank you  

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Sorry would love to help out with this, but I haven’t brought this Flyhawk Kit atm, as the wife went bonkers at my current stash and unfinished ships due to a lack of correct paint.

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I built it some time ago and I remember scratching my head a lot about this as well. I seem to recall finally discovering where in the instructions this bit was covered, it may have been the small colour-photocopied errata paper that was included. Sadly all of that is ash and CO2 by now.

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This is just a shot in the dark, but I had a look at my Flyhawk Prince of Wales deluxe edition instructions and most of the PE railings were identified in plan drawings using different coloured outlines to trace the path of the railings, with the relevant parts matched to each colour. 


I haven't seen the Bismarck kit though, it's possible that they took a different approach for that one. 



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