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Hi all,


The first time I decided to create a yearbook here. Still modest output with 5 models completed but that is the highest number ever for me!!!


The first one was the Israeli F-16I in 1/72. Kinetic kit. I started it back in early 2019 but the construction was not really fast. I got it ready for painting by the end of 2019 so winter of 2020 was paint job and then quite long-lasting decalling and final touches so that the model was finished in May.



The next one was Jet Provost by Sword in The Poachers livery. Started in late 2019 and pretty quickly (for me) finished in July 2020. 




Then my three-spitfires-project started to reach RFI section. I started the whole thing on December 30th 2019 and finished in December last year. Again on and off, quite prolonged paint job on camouflages one by one, but glad I managed everything within a year! 


Tamiya's Mk.Ia was the first: 



Followed by Airfix's Mk.XIX



And then by Eduard's Mk.IXe



And the complete project result:



So three RAF aircraft and two IDF ones. None I'm disappointed with, so a very pleasant result in that unusual year which was actually giving me way more opportunities to concentrate on the hobby compared to a typical year. 


All the best,


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On 05/02/2021 at 02:43, gazza l said:

All very nicely done, I particularly like the JP, is that 1/48th?


gazza l 

 Hi, Gazza


Nope it's all 1/72. JP is a Sword's kit, nice one though as always with Sword careful dry-fitting is needed and some areas aren't detailed well. In this case resin ejection seats are used, antennae and navigation lights are hand made, also exhaust pipe and engine rear face were a combination of handmade parts and spares. 

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