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Ma.K GroßerHund 'Altair'

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This is my first attempt at kit building… For some unknown reason, when everyone else was out hoarding bogroll in March last year I decided to start hoarding Ma.K kits. I've no idea why it began, other than an awareness and appreciation of the 'property' for a good 20 years. Anyway Lincoln Wright at Paint On Plasic announced his 2021 Ma.K build comp and it immediately inspired me to raid the stash and build. I'm actually quite pleased with the result, given I've been learning techniques on the job. There's a pictorial history of the build on my instagram page.


The only downside is that, by the look of my hobby area, I suspect I've single handedly kept my UK (not so) local hobby shops afloat… and for some inexplicable reason I own 6 versions of the M113 APC and most of Rye Field Models current catalogue - including an Abrams with full interior, both Shermans and a Sheridan. 



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Welcome to Britmodeller. It's about time we had another Kreiger builder on here. 

There's nothing wrong with building a kreiger stash. It's a good investment. I've got ten year old Ma.k kits in mine.

I never get around to building them as I'm enjoying making scratchbuilt ones instead.

The Altair isn't the best looking, or best proportioned of the walkers, but you've done a cracking job on it.

The paint is great and I like the tech, especially his jacket.

Instagram only gave me a brief glimpse of it before it kicked me out, and I had to open the other pics in a new tab.

I use Imgur to post on here. Simple to use and everyone can see the pics. Could be worth a try for you.

More please, Pete


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Sorry only just noticed you mentioned Lincoln Wright, man haven't heard that name in a long time. I used to love seeing his work on the Ma.k forum when I was doing a lot of ma.k stuff years ago under the name of Grendel. 

Nice to hear he's still cranking out ma.k models. 

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