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Petlyakov Pe-2 Interior 3D Decal & Vacform Canopy (QD48011 & QC48011 for Zvezda) 1:48

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Petlyakov Pe-2 Interior 3D Decal & Vacform Canopy (QD48011 & QC48011 for Zvezda)

1:48 Quinta Studio




When Quinta’s innovative products first came to our attention a little while ago they caused quite a stir, as well they should.  The replacement Instrument Panels and internal details are mind-boggling to look at, because we’re used to seeing simplified styrene instrument panels, or Photo-Etch Brass panels with either two layers of etch, or laminated parts that can be tricky to glue together, even though they are pre-painted for your ease.  But decals?  These aren’t your run-of-the-mill decals though, they’re 3D printed in many layers and colours on a flat carrier film, having as much in the way of relief as is needed to complete a realistic panel printed in the correct colours, complete with shiny dial faces and metallic-effect hardware, and often including cushions and seat belts in the set.


Each set arrives in a ziplok bag with a folded instruction booklet protecting the decals, which are also separately bagged, so they should reach you in good condition.  The pictorial instructions are printed on glossy paper, and are shown in full colour as befits the awesomeness of the sets, showing exactly where each part should go on the actual model, so there’s no confusion due to the “pictures speak a thousand words” maxim.  Additional hints and instructions are also included, marking out parts needing bases, kit parts and other useful tips.  The technical instructions are text-based, giving additional tips to the new user regarding maximising adhesion and preventing lift at the edges by wicking in super glue.




Application is much the same as your standard decal, but you will need to remove any raised detail that would be underneath the location depicted in the instructions, and some new parts will need small backing panels or bases on which to apply the decal.  A slim piece of sheet styrene would perform that task, and painting the edges a matching colour should minimise its appearance or turn it completely invisible.




This set is for the Zvezda kit of this type that first hit our shelves in 2015.  The cockpit area from the box is relatively modern, but suffers from totally blank instrument panels that are fitted with decals during construction.  This set includes a complete set of new 3D instruments, with additional details added over the main panels for extra relief, it also has a number of instrument packages that are sat next to the two crew, and yet more on the cockpit sidewalls.  Finally, you get a bonus of two complete sets of four-point seatbelts for the top crew, and another pair of lap belts for the waist gunner inside the fuselage.


If you’re wondering if any of this beautiful looking detail will be seen under the kit canopies, then I have news for you.  Quinta have also created a full set of clear vacformed canopies for this aircraft, which has a relatively large amount of greenhouse glass to contend with.  Read on.


Pe-2 Vacform Canopy (QC48011)

1:48 Quinta Studio




Some aircraft have a few canopies, some have a seemingly endless greenhouse of glazing just waiting for your fingerprints or masking disasters.  The Zvezda kit of the Pe-2 has a fair number of clear parts, and the necessary thickness of styrene canopies reduces visibility of the interior.  If you’ve spent any time working on the detail inside the aircraft, you’ll want a clear view into the fuselage so that all your effort isn’t wasted.  If you’ve used the 3D printed decals above, you’ll be highly motivated to show them off, which is just what this set is designed for.  It arrives in a sub-miniature Tupperware style box, with the contents secured in a ziplok bag, and each part further protected within its own smaller bag.  There are no instructions, as once you’ve cut the canopy parts from the backing sheet, they can be glued in much the same way as the kit parts, and masked as usual.  The frames for these parts are very well defined, so there should be no issues with masking them, but unlike styrene canopies, you’ll be best served by either trying some commercial masking sets, or using thin strips of tape to line the frames and fill in between with more tape or masking fluid.




The set includes the following glazing panels:


  • Two oval waist gunner windows in the sides of the fuselage
  • Two small C-shaped windows on the fuselage sides above the waist gun ports
  • Clamshell top window/hatch for waist gunner with pop-up forward windscreen to deflect the slipstream
  • Clear floor for the forward cockpit
  • Canopy with a separate rear turret for the aft gunner
  • Flush wing-light cover


If you’re new to using vacform canopies, here are a few tips.


  • Push Blutak into the hollow interior of the vacformed parts to give it some rigidity while handling.
  • Cut off any rigid edges with scissors before beginning the cut-out process.
  • When cutting out the canopy, use a brand new #11 blade, and proceed slowly, using gentle, shallow cuts.
  • Some folks use fine scissors to remove the backing sheet, although I’ve never felt the urge to try it as a blade works for me.
  • Once the canopy has been removed, trim the edges in easy stages to refine fit with the model and test fit frequently.
  • To trim the canopy down, you can use fine scissors (taking care not to close the blades fully), or a sanding stick, being careful not to scratch the clear panes.
  • When you’re happy with the shape, remove any remaining Blutak and clean the screen to remove any residue and finger oils, then dip it in Klear/Future to give it a glossy finish that will allow you to strip it back if you make a mistake.
  • If you make a mistake when painting or gluing, drop your canopy in a sacrificial bath of Klear/Future, and the paint/superglue will just flake off into the liquid if it hasn’t breached the Klear barrier.


They’re really not as hard to use as people seem to feel.  If I can do it with my big stubby fingers, you can too!



You have to see them to believe how good they are, and for a turn-key solution they are without match in the hobby right now.  Add to that the seatbelts, the incredibly competitive price, and they’re a must-have for anyone that isn’t a cockpit painting master.  A true innovation.  Add the crystal-clear canopies to your build, and you’ll end up with a brilliant model.


Extremely highly recommended.


3D Printed Instrument Decals (QD48011)



Vacform Canopy (QC48011)



Review sample courtesy of


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For UK members wary of 'foreign' purchases at the moment, I see Hannants is stocking the 3d decals, but unfortunately not the canopies (yet)


Very tempted by the set for the PE-8 I have in my stash




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