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Hi Folks,


Normally I’m a FAA kind of guy but I do like the odd Soviet a/c. This is one I made last year. This is the Zvezda boxing of the AM kit. I used some Eduard belts and a mixture of the kit and Eduards kit decals. Sprayed with Mig Ammos Soviet set. Let me know what you think about the colours on this colourful bird.




PXL_20201113_121948236 PXL_20201113_121953532


PXL_20201113_121948236 PXL_20201113_122030403


PXL_20201113_122058898 PXL_20201113_122107622 PXL_20201113_122220594


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Beautiful Yak. I like those early VVS colors.

You done also very good job on weathering, looks very nice

Regards Djordje

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