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Issues with Vallejo Gloss varnish (rattle can)

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Recently got back into modelling after 20 years or so....   Decided I'd do 1:700 and 1:600 ships - because why start with the 'easy' stuff when you can start with the tiny stuff eh. 

Anywho,  tried using vallejo gloss varnish after painting but got a weird and undesired splotchy effect all over... Makes it look like it recently rained. 

I am using vallejo acrylic model color, and the rattle can is also vallejo acrylic.  I tried brushing Humbrol Clear satin over it and the splotchiness was considerably lessened.   Anyone have any ideas how I can avoid this problem in the future? 

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Small update - I was able to resolve the issue.  Turns out I was not applying sufficient amounts of varnish to the model.  Applying more varnish gave me an even glossy coat.  

Applying an acrylic wash and trying to correct it with thinner removed the varnish however, but that's a whole other issue I suppose.  I suspect I didn't wait long enough after spraying... 

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