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I have built three A7V kits earlier: https://baecklund.eu/scalemodels/72/a7v.html and have now bought five more kits.



When finished they will all be different, not only in  colours, so I need to keep the models apart and follow my notes for each one.



I want to mount the chassis after the hull has been put together so I cut them in half.



First one on the way. #561, A 2'nd lot tank. Female front that was converted to a male. The grills on the hull top has been reduced to 9 from the original 45. It became a bit boring in the end.
Door hinges has been reduced to two instead of three. The same goes for the side flaps. I have started to convert the opening for the gun as well.



The second one is #562. The same modifications has to be made as on 561. The difference is that this is a true male so it doesn't have the large openings for MG's in the front.



Some of them need extra armour added.



I said that they were five.



As I need the later gun shield's for the socle mount gun and Emhar was of the earlier Buck mount I need to build them. Reminds me a bit of small turrets for 1/350 ships.




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Things are going slowly forward.  #525 as got splash protection covers for the machine guns. I have learned that the foot steps are placed wrong on the Emhar kit so I need to fix this.
Looking at pictures I have found another problem that I am unsure if I should try to fix.  The MG hatches on the front are placed to high on the kit. I could try to fix this as it is only two models that will have these but doing so the covers for the towing hooks need replacing and so would all the rivets for the MG mounts, and tad I have to do on all five models and also on the rear so that they will be the same as the front. But on the other hand some of them has to have shackles instead of the towing hooks so the covers have to be fixed on them anyway. 


A little tip (or warning) for those who will build the Emhar kit out of the box:


There is a fault in the instructions.  Part #11 is shown wrong. It should me mounted from the front not from the inside.



This was wrong from the beginning and has not been corrected on the instructions yet.  I followed the instructions when I built my first A/V when it was released but it always looked strange.



Now that I stumbled across a kit review that mentioned this I understand why.  Well, I had eight of those left over so I decided to fix this. 

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Time for another long boring post. Just wanted to present the individuals that I'm modelling. Only 20  A7V were built in two batches. The first batch were five with armour from Krupp. These were made in five parts for the sides and two for the front. The other fave and the ten in the second batch had armour from Röchling. The sides were in one part and the front also in one.
I have read a notice that  only every fifth tanks were planned to be a male with a cannon while the others would be female with only machine guns. Now only one female was built but many front plates with machine gun openings had been made so they had to be converted for the cannon.

First we have #504.  It is one from the first batch with multi plate Krupp armour. 
504 had 45 vent slots in the hull and six in the hatch.


#525 is a "true" male from the second batch.
45 vents in the roof but only three in the hatch.
#540 is a odd one. It is from the first batch with single plate armour from Röchling but the front is a two part like the ones from Krupp. It has the MG opening of the converted female front but only on the left side and it is mounted higher. 
45 vents in the roof and three in the hatch.
#561 Is a vehicle rom the second batch. It is a converted female.
Only nine vent slots in the roof and three in the hatch.


#562 is a true male from the second batch.
Nine slots in the roof and three in the hatch.
Now it is time to work on the gun mounts. At least that is what I thought.



I got a remark telling me that 540 had no add on armour on the "turret" and of course that was right. I messed up and got the "turrets" for 525 and 540 on the wrong hull. What good making notes for each tank when one is not following them. I managed to swap "turrets" on them. When I get a first coat of paint on them I can see how much damage this operation made. I can see on the picture that I lost a step on 525.


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Very interesting builds but building so many at once is a recipe for disaster, on my bench anyway. At least you made the fix before painting.



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