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Kreiger Heinrich rebuild.

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And, after finishing the Kreiger Vampyre, I have returned! My Vampyre build, in case anyone missed it, was based on 

a gluebomb Hornisse 'Battlefield taxi' which was incredibly kindly donated by @SafetyDad. So all praise to him again!


The Armoured fighting suits are a form of powered exo armour to protect the troops in this war, 800 years in the future.

There are (I think) at least three variations of this basic design, and I'm fairly sure that this is the Heinrich version.

At Southwell 2018, I met a very nice man who sold me a complete AFS and a Heinrich box of bits and paperwork.

Luckily the instructions were still in there. Which was nice.

Imagine the front of a 1/48th Hughes 500 on legs, yep, you're there.


First job was to take the figure to pieces. Not too difficult. It had suffered from heavy mortaring by tube glue.

A twist of a scalpel blade in the joints and most of it popped apart. Yes, that is a huge Panzerfaust top right.

The elbows bent the wrong way, so this stage was essential. Also, those ankle shields should be on the outside.

So it looks like the legs will have to be dismantled too. Someone wasn't concentrating.



The windows had a build up of tube glue around them and some on them. The scarring on the screen is obvious.

I gave them a rub down with Micromesh and then cheapo T cut abrasive put a shine on them.

I had some clear packaging material and had a go at making a new window just by rubbing the edge

as I held it onto a side window. It almost worked, but I refer the (smoked effect) originals.

They are very close in size to the holes, so there's not a lot of area for the glue. Microstrip might work here.



A close up of the legs. Those shields have got be moved! They're pretty useless on the inside.



The main body parts. The scarring from the glue is obvious. But what's life without a challenge?

I need to dismantle the legs and see if anything is missing now that I've found the instructions. 

That's your lot for this episode. And you are very welcome to give me your thoughts on this one.

I'm running out of room for the big stuff in the manshed, so these smaller models may become more common!

Thanks, Pete




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Looks like a fun project. I think it would be cool to add a few details to the suit, maybe some extra detail on the backpack or a new weapon. Then a small simple base to display it. Some of the glue damage could perhaps be expressed as battle damage or wear and tear once you get to the paint stage. 
Another thought is a derelict suit, rusted and with moss growing on it, maybe with a skeleton inside(?) 💀


Here’s what I mean by a small base (this is not my work, btw)





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1 hour ago, Photon said:

Some of the glue damage could perhaps be expressed as battle damage or wear and tear once you get to the paint stage.

My thought too. The damage on the top of the screen looks like ricochet damage, so that will stay for a start.

And of course it will get the usual grotty paint finish.

The engine is on the back, so a weapons backpack is doubtful. Which is a shame, as a flame thrower might look good. 

The one in your picture is the PKA Ausf HO. Note the claws instead of hands. And, the side window doesn't fit!


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I got a couple of hours out there again today. (This TV doesn't watch itself you know!) actually it was a bit nippy so I left the manshed to warm up).

The lower legs got dismantled to swap the ankle shields over. There is a rod from the shield into the leg half. So inner left became outer right etc.

I also noticed that the feet needed swapping over too. There is a small detail that should be on the outside surface.

The arms got assembled in the correct orientation. So now the elbows are at the rear, as they should be. 

More glue blobs were cleaned up, especially on the inside, where I had to make new mounts for the seatback. They were just melted.

I've found three parts missing. What looks like a 1/144 F-16 intake that goes on the 'chest', and inside, what may be a control panel. Worry not, I have a plan.

Also missing was what can only be described as the 'crotch' armour plate. Luckily there was a spare one in that box of bits.

That intake piece is visible in the picture above BTW.        

As always, comments and offers of cash are always welcome. Thanks for looking, Pete

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A small update. Bits have been glued. Seams filled and rubbed down and plans plotted. Nothing very exciting though.


The legs are pretty much done, but the arms needed a bit more work at the elbow.

There is a rubber tube to cover the joint, It should be a concertina style cover.

I cut some of the cable seen here, and superglued it to the plastic. Mostly to check that it looked okay.

I'll need to wait until the arms are in their final position to see if I need to add more.



The hinges for the canopy had been melted by glue and were, frankly, not up to military spec.

A search of the bits boxes gave me tank bits which were cobbled together to make something more chunky.

The canopy will probably be glued down anyway but at least it now looks like it might work.



I gave the operator a nice 70's moustache. They'll be back in fashion in 800 years.

This is all just taped together for the pictures. And that's us up to date. I'm taking my time with this one.

So hopefully it will last longer than the end of next week! Thanks for dropping by, Pete


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Not been on here a while I'm sorry to say, but glad to see you tackling the Heinrich, its one of my favourites. I've got one of the black box versions and they do present some challenges, especially with the canopies. I've seen some modern garage kit versions of PKA H's but wish Wave would do a modern update.

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"Hughes 500 with legs"!

I dunno why I never saw it before.

There was always something about that shape that bugged me but I just never quite recognized it.   :doh:


I am certain btw, that you can find some space somewhere to hang a couple of fuel bottles for a flammenwerfer on that suit of yours.

I mean, if you really must.

Doesn't sound dangerous at all. Heck you already have a plate glass window in your armoured fighting suit...


I seem to remember some movie..."Dances with Smurfs" or some such, where one of the guys had a window on HIS suit.

Let's just say it didn't end well.

I guess as long as you don't run into a smurf with a spear, you'll be fine....






It may be time for my meds again....

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There may be a faction here on BM who are of the opinion that I have been slacking on this build. Balderdash and Piffle say I.

The truth is, it was cold out there, I had a cough, a note from Mum, and short sharp modelling sessions were the order of the day week. 

So, now to bring things up to date.



Here we see various bits of Heinrich laid out in a semi orderly fashion. The more observant of you may notice what looks like Dick Turpins mask has been applied.



A closer view. The theory goes like this. The side windows barely fit and there isn't much of a mating surface (steady!). 

So, This is a military machine, you don't want a large window either side of your head. Bad for morale & makes you prone to headaches.

Therefore, after having thought of a solution, I cut out the plastic card. Yes, it's black, saves painting the inside.

I'll just call it applique armour. The 'bodywork' of this thing is very thin and there are nasty people out there!

I then took three days or so with TET and various clamps sticking the card into place on the rather tricky curved surface.



And here we are slathered in PPP around the edges. The side windows are now smaller and the large forward hatch fits too! (It didn't before).

Have another look at the example pictured somewhere above here. 



This is the engine section to go on the back. The bit closest to you sits under it. The 1/76th wheels and lifting bracket are add ons.



On the left is the backrest for matey here. I've put some bits of green on his uniform. 

The pale blue bits over his shoulders are part of the interior as his arms fit into the exterior arm sections.

Hopefully this will keep the more millitant plastic bashers on here happy until the next time. 

In the meantime, thanks for watching, and please send comments securely wrapped into a five pound note.

Cheers, Pete

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3 hours ago, Tzulscha said:

So, flamethrower?

Or handbags at fifty paces? I'm still undecided. The only place to stow flamethrower tanks would be either over the engine,

Or either side of it. Possibly not a good idea. It moves the CG way up high besides making this thing even more dangerous to use.

I've been pondering a small minigun. But again, where do you stow the ammo box/batteries? Arnie made it look too easy in Predator.

Let me have a look at things when I've got it to more of an operational condition, arms, legs etc. I can then see what room I have.

Thanks for the fiver. I'll save it for a rainy day. Though I already have an umbrella.

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13 minutes ago, Pete in Lincs said:

I've been pondering a small minigun. But again, where do you stow the ammo box/batteries?

What about a gauss rifle/maglev weapon...  tiny projectiles fired at hypervelocity using super cooled magnets. Standard or small barrel wrapped at set intervals with magnetic coils. 

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On 18/01/2021 at 15:50, Pete in Lincs said:

gluebomb Hornisse 'Battlefield taxi

Coincidentally my least favourite Joni Mitchell track.

On 28/01/2021 at 18:54, Pete in Lincs said:

I've put some bits of green on his uniform. 

A simple statement of fact.

Completely unarguable.

This is why I've come to cherish your builds Pete.






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Great imagination and lateral thinking there Pete :like:


Weapon? What about some form of pulse laser that would fry/disable all electronic components in the opposing forces' suits and devices? It could be lightweight and compact with just an arm-mounted aiming antenna thingy. 



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  • 2 weeks later...

Thank you chaps. I'm slightly unwell, which is why not much has been happening lately. 

The warm house beats a chilly mancave anytime. Besides, I have a note from Matron.

I'll be back at the bench as soon as I can. Be assured there is no loss of mojo.

And another project (or two) beckon from the horizon. Stay well, Pete

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