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Is there a conversion kit to backdate a 1/48 Ki-46III to an earlier version?

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Greetings all, 


i was looking at my Tamiya Dinah and thinking of how I could backdate it to a Ki-46 II with the stepped nose. I was wondering if anyone makes a fuselage conversion in 1/48?  It may be an opportunity for one of the resin conversion resin outfits such as Lone Star Models or Alleycat. Thank you all. 

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1 hour ago, 28ZComeback said:

i was looking at my Tamiya Dinah and thinking of how I could backdate it to a Ki-46 II with the stepped nose.

Tamiya do a Ki-46 III with a stepped nose


I've not seen a Ki-46 II conversion done,  I have dim memories it's not that simple, I know the II has different engines, and a different canopy,   but a III Kai kit maybe a better starting point? 

the is a II below. 



@Toryu  has made some informed posting on Japanese types recently,  and maybe able to add some further info and correct any misconceptions I may have made 

also @MDriskill @Blimpyboy 

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From memory, the stepped cockpit and nose profile of the Ki-46-III kai is very different to that of the Ki-46-II. Also, I think the rear canopy glazing arrangement of the -III series (-III and -III kai) is different to that of the -IIs, with the -II's having much more framework and panes. Either way, I think you'd have to do some significant surgery to backdate either of the Tamiya -III series kits.


I've not heard of any conversions, sorry (never say never, 'though).

I agree that it would be a good opportunity for someone to make in better economic climes - I'd upscale for one!


I suspect 1/72 scale may be your best friend with this one!



If it helps, this page and decal sheets might provide some inspiration to do something more interesting with your -III:








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In 1/72 the LS range (or should that be Arii nowadays?) included alternative canopies, not sure which came with which, but the Falcon canopy set provides alternatives for other kits.

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The Ki-46-II and -III differed in some relevant areas as others have already commented. I didn't have time to look up all details, but there are

- larger engines for the -III with individual exhaust stacks

- a different rear cockpit glazing and size

- several internal rearrangements

- and most important, the round vs. stepped nose.


Even the stepped-nose -III has a completely different front office layout, position and canopy size compared with the -II.


In view of these major differences I don't think it's possible to convert a -III into a -II, even with the best of scratch-building skills. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of a conversion set either.


The best book about the Ki-46, in my view, is the REVI II-4002 'Mitsubishi Ki-46 Dinah' by Martin Ferkl. There are 1/72 plan views of all dimensions that show the differences between all variants.


Cheers, Michael


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Seems like the original question has been thoroughly answered! But as a point of technical interest, the Ki-46-II used Mitsubishi Ha-102 engines (perhaps better known by its Navy name, "Zuisei"), and the Ki-46-III the Ha-112 ("Kinsei").


These two 14-cylinder designs were in a sense "modular," being basically the same crankcase with different piston strokes - the more powerful Ha-112 having longer cylinders than the Ha-102. This made the real-life engine swap relatively easy, but the Ki-46-III Dinah's cowls were thus larger in diameter and also longer, extending well past the wing trailing edge. Along with the other points already mentioned, that would be a tough conversion given the Tamiya kit's parts breakdown.


I also highly recommend the Ferkl "REVI" book, really excellent. The old "Maru Mechanic" / "Mechanic of World Aircraft" issue is very good too, along with the later black cover "Famous Aircraft of the World" (FAOW) series.  In 1/72 scale, Hasegawa did an excellent job with all major Dinah variants. The older LS / Arii kits are also good (and can be found really cheap here in the US at least), but do a better job with the "II" than the "III."


This photo of the two engines is from the REVI book. 




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