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This one was started in early November and I took the final pictures yesterday.

I am indebted to @SafetyDad . I've wanted the Fledermaus version for years but it's rather expensive.

My intention was to scratchbuild one, but then  Padraic sent me a gluebomb Hornisse he'd found on the web.



This is it as designed by Kow Yokoyama . the 'Father' of Maschinen Kreiger. It carries an Armoured Fighting Suit (AFS).

To make more of a profit Nitto took the basic mould and changed it to make the Hummel (A sort of Drone)

and the (Manned) Fledermaus versions. which was rather naughty of them.


Anyway, I set to and, after dismantling the kit, I couldn't help but improve the design into a more practical flying machine.

The original had five large rocket motors, which our man in Kalamazoo observed would, "suck it inside out in seconds'.

I kept the one at the back, rebuilt most of the underside, and added jets & a forward fuselage and cockpit to 1/20th scale.



Here we are ready to fire up the lift engines and go out hunting Falkes.



I've done a typical kreiger rough paint job as if it was built up from parts by rebel forces.



Yes, it's an ex Harrier rocket pod. The landing gear is part original/part scratchbuilt. Springs are ex Biro!



The nose cannon. The breech etc is somewhere under the cockpit. Ammo behind the pilot.



On the RH pylon is a large missile with a rusty seeker head. 



Upper fuselage. At right is a spoiler/airbrake painted orange. And rocket thruster at the back.

The thruster would take this up to altitude, rather like an Me 163. But, with the jets, it would make a powered landing.



Taken during the build, this shows the wingtip tanks. Part droptank, part 1/32nd P-38 tailboom




A bit of battle damage repaired with speedtape. Bits for this build came from all over. This tailplane is ex 1/32nd Me262.



At left, an engine exhaust. Made from three bits of car wheel, and in the middle is part of a 1/1 scale tyre valve.

The oval bit is a tiny ships dinghy. The rocket motor parts, here at centre, are original to the model.



Underneath is two shades of light grey, dabbed onto white primer with sponge. The central dome is an anti gravity generator.

Also visible are the three lift thrusters which use engine bleed air to assist in take off and landing.



The rusty seeker head. It was part of a ball point pen.



The top surface is grey primer with Tamiya dark yellow dabbed on. Various greeblies dress things up here.



The canopy. Not the best bit, you can see the side window bowed in :sad: It's stuck on with industrial superglue so would

be wrecked if I tried to remove it for repair. That might still happen. We shall see.



Here's a picture of the pilot (made from Tamiya Pit Crew figure parts) and his scratchbuilt ejection seat taken during the build.


Overall I enjoyed the build. The canopy is a disappointment though as it also has sanding dust stuck inside.

These pictures aren't the best due to lack of light in the manshed. Pictures outside are not possible due to weather!

There is a build log in the work in progress section. So you can see more of this if you are curious.

My thanks to all who dropped by during the build, and, of course, to Padraic who made it all possible. 


Next up, I have the AFS which came with the kit. It too is a glue bomb (all three windows have glue on them) so it

will also be a challenge to get right. But I can also use it as a pattern for replacement and spare parts. Bonus! 

Thanks very much for looking in, I'm always grateful for comments and will answer any questions if I can.

Cheers, Pete

Thanks for looking 





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That's a very impressive end result there Pete.

I especially like what you've done with the underside (and entirely agree with your comments about the rocket motors). 

Great job!


For the AFS, perhaps a new 'helmet' is needed for the suit? I wonder if some food or toothbrush packaging might yield a sphere or dome with useful dimensions?




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Aye up Pete,


Thats just brilliant! Great use of bits from the spares box and some very clever use of biro's! 👍





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You and me both! Some of them are so obscure even I don't know what they were supposed to be.

Oddly, if you look at @RichO's Frog Prince build, you'll see that he's also used real tyre valves this week!


@SafetyDad The windows shouldn't be too difficult to replace but I'd like see if I can save them first. 

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Once again, thanks for the likes and good comments, Guys.

I've made a small start on the Armoured Fighting Suit that came with the kit. I'll have to start a WIP for it.

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I'm kinda gettin' tired of telling you what a nice model you have cranked out.

Ho Hum, another awesome model by Pete.


Could you sorta screw something up? 

Just for the lulz?




j/k :P

It's very cool, like always.  :thumbsup:

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Pete: another of your metallic phantasms to grace the maschinen-Pantheon. 👏

A tenner says you can't incorporate the Airfix kit of Henry VIII into your next build....


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12 minutes ago, TheBaron said:

A tenner says you can't incorporate the Airfix kit of Henry VIII into your next build....

With lasers or a minigun? Plenty of space for batteries in that stomach!

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