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1:32 Spitfire Vc Trop, 81 Sqn North Africa 1942-43, conversion from Revell Spitfire IXc

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Waaaaaaaay back in 2013, I started an attempt to build a 1:32 Spitfire Vc using the Hobbyboss Vb Trop as the doner kit. 

It failed. The original build thread is here 

However, nothing got wasted and it all got put into storage. Then last year for the BoB GB I started a thread to convert the 1:32 Revell Spitfire Mk II into a Mk 1 and sadly this too failed. Build thread for that is here 

However what that made me think of was the Revell Mk IX kit that was released a few years back and that made me think that maybe a better route to getting a 1:32 Spitfire Vc would be to convert a IXc back into a VC since a lot of the early IXC were actually re-engined Vc in the first place. Bingo! Brilliant idea!!!


So the reason for wanting a 1:32 Sptifire Vc Trop is to complete the series of models I've been building for several years releated to my Father's service in the RAF during WWII. This was started back in 2012 with this thread

Finally I believe I've collected enough material to begin this project and hopefully do it justice. The various kits and accessories have accumulated over the years so I think its time to get on with it! First off a summary of the kits that will donate to this project, first off the Revell Mk IXc, a brand new kit which is pretty good value for money




Next is the HobbyBoss VbTrop that kick started this whole thing 7 years ago




and finally the HobbyBoss Spitfire Vb kit that was planned to donate its engine and various pieces to the Spitfire Mk 1 build last year





Here is the sprue shot of the contents of the Revell kit - its not overly complicated which is a bonus for what I'm aiming to do




and here is a represeantative sample of some of the aftermarket parts, spares and other bits that will also be used. This is not exhaustive, I'm sure there will be other additions as this develops.



You'll see two items that will allow me to build a diorama to fit in with the previous builds, namely the newish ICM Desert RAF figures plus another superb resin accumulator trolley from Iconicair. I've had this so long the box has faded :) Love those resin kits!


There it is, I think this time I stand an above-average chance of completing this on the 2nd (and a half) attempt!

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Hmm, this is very interesting. I look forward to following this thread. I really like the idea of a diorama. 


I do like dioramas. 


I'll be following this one. 


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Very nice project, got a couple of the Revell kits in the stash.   Love a Spitfire build and will tag along if you don't mind.  The Hobbyboss kits are nicely engineered but the fuselage Spine is too rounded and the cockpit interior is a bit wierd but everything hoes together well.  

Good luck with your project. 


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My intention is to use most of the Revell fuselage and wing, cutting off the nose of the fuselage along the engine panel joint and replacing that with the bulkhead and framework from the Hobbyboss kit and add in the Merlin engine from the Hobbyboss kit along with the instrument panel and various cockpit elements that have been salvaged from the previous builds. The first task I'm looking at is a fix for the Mk IXc wing to convert the oil cooler/radiator back into the Mk Vc oil cooler




The lower wing is from my aborted Mk II to MK I conversion from last year and the upper one is the new MK IXc wing. The black lines show the area I intend to cut out of the MK II wing to replace in the MK IX wing


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Here it is after surgery!




This fitted remarkably well with only a minimal bit of fettling required.

The gap cut out of the piece in the middle was made during the previous Spitfire I build to allow the fitting of a resin Oil filter that replaces the misshapen thing in the original Revell MK II kit. So with this initial bit of plastic bashing completed, it was time to take a look at the front end of the fuselage. You can see here the taped together fuselage halves




along with a pencil line showing where I need to cut to remove the lengthened nose of the MK IX. With some careful application of a razor saw and a sharp scalpel, this was achieved and you can see the cut here with the HobbyBoss Mk Vb in the background to compare




Here you see both fuselage halves having been cut. The one on the right has had the thick plastic edge shimmed back to present a thinner front profile as the plastic is much too thick for the skin of a Spitfire here




Finally, the frame was carefully cut from the HobbyBoss Vb and glued to the new fuselage. I'm using the other half of the HobbyBoss Vb to align the frame while the glue dries




Tomorrow I'll do the other half of the fuselage...


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There will be a pause on this build for a while as I've got involved in clearing my Meccano collection out of the shed and selling it on eBay as I havn't done any Meccano building for night on 10 years and see no point keeping it any longer. The build will resume in a few weeks...

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I remember when you started your journey back in 2013 so I’m glad to see you making headway again and what you’ve done so far is very impressive.

keep at it mate.

all the best


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Cheers Iain, I will get back to this as soon as I've sorted out this stuff, it'll be nice to complete this particular built as it fill the final gap in my Dad's story.


After that I guess my next challenge in that sequence would be to replace the 1:48 Thunderbolts with 1:32 versions to keep the whole thing consistent! :D

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