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Skull Clan – Long-Distance Raid. An Old Raider. Vadim. Desert Battle Series Kit No.1 (MB35214) 1:35

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Desert Battle Series Kit No.1 (MB35214)

Skull Clan – Long-Distance Raid. An Old Raider.  Vadim

1:35 Master Box Ltd via Creative Models Ltd




Master box have various series of figures that have themes unrelated to history, film or TV series.  The Desert Battle series is a dystopian future (aren’t they all?) that’s not too far away, and based more than a little on the facts of today.  A climate crisis happens in 2023 and throws the world into disarray on a global basis.  Better get stocking up on toilet rolls then, folks!  No really, don’t.  Not for the third time.  If you check Master Box’s website, there are four individual figures being released, plus a few boxed sets to fuel your fevered dreams and fill your dioramas.  They’d look equally at home in any slightly futuristic, slightly dystopian setting, so if you read the back-story on the back of the box, which you should be able to below, and it doesn’t suit you, stare at the figure instead and judge for yourself whether you can use him.






The figure arrives in a slightly-too-large end-opening figure box, with a single narrow sprue inside, and instructions plus back-story on the rear of the box.  He’s a big lad at 6’4” if I’ve done my measurements correctly, so while he’s a fine figure of a man, it’s entirely feasible he’d be that height.  As usual, the sculpting is first rate and the recent nature of the tool shows in the detail, with the figure broken down into head, torso, arms, legs, and with separate open flaps to his jacket, a two-part hood, additional chest and thigh pouches, backpack with moulded-in bedroll, a long rope bundle, and a slightly futuristic weapon that’s a cross between a Galil and an MP5, with all the attachments.


Painting of the figure is entirely up to you, as in the dystopian future you can wear what you want (who's going to stop you?).  The box art gives you some useful clues however, and you don’t get the rat on his shoulder in case you were wondering.  A strange inclusion or omission, depending on whether you’re a rat lover or not.




An interesting and well-sculpted figure for you to use and abuse as you see fit.  Build him as a stand-alone model or as part of a diorama with or without others of the series.






Review sample courtesy of


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