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Bandai 1/72 A-Wing WIP

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Working on another A-Wing, this time in 1/72 scale. I decided to light the engines from the start; I also wanted to illuminate some cockpit gauges but it's tricky getting those fiber optics to bend in the tight confines of the space between the cockpit tub and the fuselage interior. I'll also need to figure out a way to block the light from the SMD LED that will sit beneath the pilot's feet (I may have to amputate his legs). This ship will be given another non-canon paint job, I just haven't decided what colors or pattern yet.








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I'm not really satisfied with my choice of colors on the tail & engines. So I've decided to strip it down to the primer. How, you ask? Well, seeing as how I'm using Tamiya acrylics, I'm going to use a household product that works quite well.




Yep, you heard me right. A few hours' soak in the stuff and parts come out ready for a respray (I'm using Stynlrez).



Current colors:




Out come the LED assemblies...




Only for the other bits to get soaked in the evil blue stuff. 😄




Bwahahaha! 😈



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UPDATE: Life stuff got in the way and held up my build, but it's back on the bench with some progress.


After stripping the Tamiya color coat, I decided to try the Vallejo Model Air line, with White Gray and Yellow being the primary colors. The engine cans were finished off in silver with a gold band, and everything sealed with a couple of coats of Future clear acrylic prior to weathering with Abteilung oils (Starship Filth & Rust Brown); the sooty smudges are airbrushed Tamiya flat black. I was planning to light the cockpit instrumentation but due to the tight, interlocking nature of Bandai's snap-together parts, routing the fiber optics from the light source was more than I wanted to deal with so I just left the engine wiring intact. Next time, maybe...? 🙂


Once the canopy masking is removed, cannon installed and the ship flat-coated, all that remains is to paint the base, then she's done!

















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Excellent choice of colors, the yellow looks great! With the checkered tails gives a bit of a WWII Mustang vibe.


That kit is an absolute gem, one of the most enjoyable builds I've had. Nice job on lighting the engines - I considered it but decided against precisely because of the practically zero tolerances left by Bandai's fit (and being roo scared to hack away at such quality moulded parts)!

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