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So all started with the awesome Build a HAS by @bar side on this site and  wanted to have a go myself. I started with the 2 old airfix control towers, cut an shut to make the one seen below  and the great @Amera Plastic Mouldings HAS. I modified the shelter and scratch built some doors more like the ones at Lakenheath.  Very early days and will be a slow burner but hope y'all like the start. A few F15s in the pipeline too. 



50832644971_c4b2b63014_b.jpg 50832731552_745a12c47e_b.jpg


50831899308_3b96344073_b.jpg 50831899698_cde2629320_b.jpg













  Thanks for looking and  all comments welcome. 

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Looking very nice.  You could have either the European clamshell doors on that HAS, but the uk style blast doors look quite at home.  You have a nice size base board there that could take a load of additional features.  Have you checked out the Spangdahlem diorama on ARC Forums?  Philippe has got the details down of the sort of thing that will really bring things to life

this is one of his pictures


Great start - looking forward to seeing this progress

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Yeah have seen that one   It's very impressive and  like all the added groundwork he has done. The  HAS came with the clamshell doors but was rather tight with F 15 so made attempt to build blast doors.  Happy with how turned out.

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