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I’m a glutton for punishment, DKM Light Cruiser Königsberg by Flyhawk

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Oh btw, just another plain old boring painting day this afternoon on the single 20mm guns and the ships small boats and I’ll have some pictures to tomorrow.

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Slowly got back into this today, as the monsoon is slowly returning. As I have been playing catch with gardening, mowing and put a pad down for our 35k lt water tank.


Finally the some has arrived late last week. I’m using Sovereign Colourcoats yellow, than your standard flat , Matt yellows. As a couple of books I have got can’t make up their mind. 


It’s a more a pale or off yellow and give it this ship operated in Nth & Baltic Seas it would’ve probably  stuck out like dogs balls? A little bit of touch up tomorrow and the guns are good to go.

DKM Königsberg


Almost finished the 4 single 20mm guns today, but managed to mangle one of them. So I’m using one from the kit


DKM Königsberg


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