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Airfix 1/72 Bristol Blenheim MkIV.

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Well, I’m happy to say I’ve finished another one.

This is my 1/72 Airfix Bristol Blenheim MkIV - not the new tool - the 2008 rebox of the original 1968 kit. I bought off eBay but found the starboard upper wing missing (I didn’t pick that up in the listing). Oh well I thought I’d just wait until another requiring attention or one being sold as spares would turn up. Eventually, one did. When the second kit arrived it was clear that mice had taken a fancy to the instructions and part of the port fuselage. 
I decided to use the best fuselage out of both kits and replace the original clear parts with Falcon vac formed replacements.

The build thread is here

it was painted with mainly Tamiya paints. The upper camouflage is Mr Color Aqueous Dark Earth and Dark Green. Undersides are Tamiya Sky with a small amount of white added to lighten it a shade or two. the engine gear casings were painted blue and then black after it was pointed out these engines had semi gloss black casings during the war. The tyres are painted with Revell Anthracite (my favourite choice for tyres). The decals were the originals but maybe beyond their best as they were a job to get some of them off the backing paper.

Here’s the finished Blenheim




And finally A pair of Bristols!!


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Excellent. Have a soft spot for that kit.


I too am a fan of Revell Anthracite, to the point that it's now used instead of black and therefore another colour for tyres is needed...



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Congratulations your Blenheim looks the business and so nice to know I'm not the only one who gets additional pleasure from building a kit which, initially turns out incomplete then ways are found to recover the situation leaving you with a far greater sense of achievement at the end :yahoo:


Cheers Pat

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