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Looking for Spitfire test pilot in 1/48

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I’m going to build the prototype Spitfire. I’ve recently bought the Paragon set, decals and have a Tamiya Spitfire. I’d like to display the model taking off and have been trying to find an appropriate non-military pilot for the cockpit.  My eBay search returns German, French, US and British WW2 pilots which have too much gear molded on.  Any thoughts?  I’ve also tried looking for a WWI pilot but the resin ones I’ve come across are standing. 

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You're not going to find anything off the shelf that looks like Mutt Summers in a Spitfire.

What you want to end up with, in case you haven't seen him, is a stocky figure in a white overall, seat pack type parachute, but no flying jacket or Mae West.


Assuming you're talking about 1/48 (you didn't say) I think your best bet is to find a mechanic / ground crew figure, ideally in white metal or possibly one of the Monogram big bomber figures, and saw him up and apply epoxy putty as needed until he fits in a seated position.


Bear in mind that after a near-fatality in a Bulldog in which the shoulder harness nearly broke his neck Summers never wore shoulder harness, lap straps only (though of course the parachute harness will be over his shoulders).




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Their figures are amazing but I unfortunately didn’t see any pilot figures that would make into a Supermarine test pilot lots of modern jet pilots through.    I’ll keep looking. 

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I found a pilot but he had two left arms


i did remember i have remains of the ground support set which includes some pilot figures.


you clan have them in the same deal as I got them.  A donation for Macmillan or any other good cancer charity and they are yours



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Thanks for the offer, I’ve already started plastic surgery on a WW1 pilot. If he survives the operation I’ll post an image. 

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