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Cockpit photos Dakota ZA947

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Since I am slowly getting towards the completion of my WNW DVII, my hypothetical PR Spitfire to illustrate a magazine article is in primer (can I brush Vallejo or should I spray with distilled water) I thought it was about time I started thinking and the next project.


youncan tell by this that I am improving slightly health wise.


So the intention is Trumpeter C47 OOB except for rudder and wheels, as ZA947, our much beloved BBMF Dak. I will be doing the panel in grey, as it is now, and can find some pictures of the cockpit but I have nothing on the bit between the but where the guys that stay with the aeroplane sit, and the bit where the disposable load sits, again well documented. It’s that bit in between with radios and the bar and all that is.


I’ll make it up out of the box, it is how each bit is coloured. The destructions are none too clear.


thanks in advance.


oh, by the way, I still have a Goering to get rid of, pay the postage, he’s yours.

rocket pods and sidewinders from the 32nd Hunter, again, postage and they’re yours. 
In both cases a few bob to a cancer charity would be appreciated.




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12 hours ago, 72modeler said:

Yes thanks, I’d found the top one. The main cockpit is ok, it is the radio and nav station behind I’m after

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The linked video has a brief view of the radio compartment- looks authentic, but it's a restored Dak, so be aware!



This link has factory photos of the radio compartment and installation for a C-47



This link has many detail photos of the interior, including the radio compartment, for C-47's



Best I can do from my references- hope they help!



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