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Sukhoi-30 MKI . 1/48 . HobbyBoss . . . .

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Hello Friends,


This is a Build of the HobbyBoss Sukhoi-30 MKK in 1:48 size. 

I build this kit into a Su-30MKI in service with the Indian Air Force.  The build is OOB with required additions or modifications.


The mods include :
1. Making the LERX - Leading Edge Extensions alongwith the canards.  I make this using plastic card and epoxy putty. Once the putty dried I sanded the thing to shape. The panel lines were rescribed with reference to the line drawings which are available on the internet. 


2. I modify the tails as the ones used by the MKI are different to those on the MKK. I add wedge shaped sections to the tops and I make new wide chord rudders. I also add plastic card to the bottom to increase the height of these fins. Horizontal stabilizer actuator fairings are also scratchbuilt.


3. I chose a Bomb Truck Loadout for this build as it is really intimidating. However the kit doesn't include any OFAB Bombs. So I dig my spares box and I use the OFAB 250 and OFAB 100 Bombs supplied in the Trumpeter MIG-27BN and MIG-27 kits. I further modify these bombs as they have really funny noses. So I cut the nose and attach flat plastic. To this I add a drop of resin to get an acceptable nose shape. Also I add stabilizing fins to these. A total of 24 OFAB 250 and 12 OFAB 100 bombs were modified. 


4. The Sukhoi's when parked have their engines pointed down and inwards. So I modify the engine nozzles to give them the correct stance or angle. The Mod is to add plastic to the inner nozzle which acts as a flange for the install and I add plastic cut at an angle to the outside nozzle which represents the swivel mechanism for thrust vectoring.


The rest of the build is pretty straight forward. I detail the ejection seats with seatbelts made from masking tape, hydraulic lines on the landing gear were added using stretched sprue. 


Paints used are locally available acrylics. The engine panels are brush painted to show the brushed burnt metal effect. 

Overall the kit is a good place to start with if you want a Su-30 SM, MKI or a MKM in your collection, but the kits needs some work. 

Only KittyHawk has a Su-30SM but it comes at a price and with less plastic inside the box. 


Hope you like the Build  . . .







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Oh wow!!!!





you went all in with this kit!

Something I long wanted to do myself.... :)


great weapons load out, very realistic!!


hope to get around a KH kit soon, or even better  a GWH one if they decideto release one in the future :)


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