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Alright, I've got some issues with molded-on pitot tubes and want to replace them with metal tubing/brass bits.  My issue is trying to drill out holes on a narrow surface, like a wing edge.  While I know this is not a problem if one used something like a miniature lathe,  I don't really have the space or budget for one.  What tools would I otherwise need?

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I use a V shaped file, a a 'three square' file, to file a nick in the leading edge, then the micro drill fits well into the bottom of the V,

I use superglue to glue the rod in place. I put a blob of glue on the rod, as I push it into place some glue comes off and fills in around the rod.

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My technique is the same I use for most similar works: I first get a guide-hole in the right position by using a pin. This leaves a mark that is good enough to be used as a guide for a drill bit. I don't use a drill but insert the bit in a pin-vice, starting with a smaller diameter bit and then progressing to the final size. Of course I do this with the wing assembled if it's made in two halves. If I plan the work early enough, I cut a very small slot in the right position on both top and bottom half with a cutter, this will replace my guide-hole.

It's something I do quite often, I tend to replace all pitot tubes and sometime even gun barrels with brass tubing

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