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AEC MK.I Interiour

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Good day, comrades!) A couple of days ago, I started building the AEC MK.I am from MiniArt and as soon as I approached the interior painting, the question immediately arose. MiniArt on the instructions suggests the interior color is white and the engine color is black. Do you guys have any information about the correct AEC interior color?

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Mostly British AFV's had indeed a white internal colour except for items that would be externally visible (turret flaps etc.). A few were silver inside. The experts will define which had what colour.



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Later AECs Mks II and III had silver interiors but I suspect that the Mk I was still the early-war white.


It seems that AEC's engines were probably a light grey block with black sump and rocker covers.  On one of the restoration forums this grey has been matched to RAL7023.  However, others believe that the Matador engines as used in the Armoured Cars were all-black.  There are photos of un-restored engines with remains of grey paint.  Most surviving engines have been repainted in other colours at some point, notably the post-war eau-de-nil.

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