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Yokosuka glen silver paint colour?

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18 hours ago, MDriskill said:

According to the excellent 2012 MMP book, "Kugisho E14Y Glen, The aircraft that bombed America:"


+ "Glen" entered production in 1940, but was not fully deployed aboard submarines until the second half of 1942.

+ Design was by the 1st Naval Aircraft Technology Arsenal at Yokosuka (thus the "Y" in the short designation), aka "Kugisho."

+ Production was by Watanabe at Zasshonokuma, totaling 126 machines.

+ Kugisho-built prototypes were finished in overall silver, with a black cowl.

+ Watanabe-built prototypes were were used to develop an enlarged vertical tail and revised cowl. Some of these appear to have been finished in yellow-orange, with a black cowl.

+ Pre-production trials aircraft, and early production machines were finished in overall silver, with a black cowl. Service aircraft added red tails.

+ The aircraft had fabric-covered flying surfaces and rear fuselage; metal forward fuselage, floats, and other bits (by this time, the Japanese had developed matching silver paints for these different materials).

+ By the time E14Y's were deployed in 1942, the finish had changed to dark green over light gray. An exception was the silver one on submarine "I-7" (presumably during the earlier trials period?).

+ All four of the "Hobby 2000" markings options appear to be taken directly from profiles in this book.

+ My bad phone photo below - of rough original photos in the book - shows: yellow-orange Watanabe prototype on top (note the telltale white surround to the hinomaru); silver trials aircraft lurking behind an E7K "Alf" in the middle photo; and a profile of the latter at the bottom.


I can't recommend this book highly enough. Very comprehensive including detailed history, excellent drawings, full interior details, and info on predecessor and successor aircraft.







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15 hours ago, Blimpyboy said:


I presume the above-mentioned book has some good interior shots. Otherwise, here is a picture of the front cockpit instrument panel (from this page - http://gunsight.jp/c/english/cockpit-e-3D.htm)





Thanks! I'd almost forgotten about the "gunsight" site, it's a great resource.


The MMP book covers interior details very well. There are a dozen pages of original wartime photos and manual drawings, and a beautiful full-page detailed and noted color rendering of the cockpits by Giuseppe Picarella.

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