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IBG Models 1/72 Diamond T 969 Wrecker

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This is my latest one of the IBG 1/72 truck range, and the last one for a bit because we're starting a house move in a couple of weeks. I've been taking advantage of the relative quiet these past couple of weeks 🙂 


I love the Diamond T's and I will certainly do more. This is the 969 Wrecker, depicted as a truck from workshop platoon of 4th Infantry Brigade Company Royal Canadian Army Service Corps on Beveland (or Walcheren) Causeway in Holland, October 1944. 


This is not a battle you hear much about, but interestingly there's now a Dutch movie out about this battle which I will definitely go and watch... when we're allowed out that is. 


The battle for the Causeway (which is called the "Sloedam") was part of a larger battle for the Schelde area which was important in order to gain and control access to the port of Antwerp. 




Canadian units suffered heavy losses in these battles, especially on the Causeway itself. 


Anyway, as for the Wrecker, I've depicted it as "just landed, ready to go and help out the rest of the guys". So there's a bit of mud (there would have been lots of that) but it's otherwise in good condition. It's a nice little build, but the rigging of the booms must have cost me two evenings. The supplied wire is kind of springy so the way the cables run doesn't look very natural. It's probably better to use thin lead wire so you can shape it better and make it look like the cable has some weight. It's an OOB build, but I did add the rings with which the hooks are fastened to the chassis. Strangely, these aren't supplied in the kit but I had some white metal stuff left over from another small scale build, including the length of chain. 


As usual, Vallejo paints and pigments and a little bit of Tamiya powders. And in this case I also used MiG Oil Brusher paints.















And a bonus shot with its brother in arms over in Italy. 




Thanks for watching!

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4 minutes ago, Roman Schilhart said:

Very attractive model!

The IBG kits are really good.

I had the very same problem with the wire on my Scammel SV2 truck... it's difficult to replicate a natural 'hang' in small scale.

Thanks. Yes, it is. I have that Scammel on the wish list, I love it. I will try the lead wire approach with it, see how that turns out. 

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Really looks good. It's an often overlooked truck. There's one in a museum in Borden Ontario. i was told that the Cdn army did use white stars for some reason at one point. I saw a restored small light armoured something marked like that.

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