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Ready for inspection today is the Revell boxing of the old Matchbox Walrus in 1/72 scale. I would have preferred some pre-war British markings for this one, but

didn't feel like paying nearly as much for decals as I did for the kit, especially when I wouldn't use the rest of the sheet. In any case, here is a French Navy Walrus,

stationed at French Naval Training Base Hourtin in the summer of 1948. Apparently Walruses were used as training aircraft for pilots going on to fly the Sunderland.

Supermarine Walrus, Matchbox 1/72


One mistake I did make was to align the top roundels with the ailerons, and not with each other, but it isn't terribly noticeable, thankfully. I may yet try to use a wash

for the first time as well, as I have to imagine these aircraft were not the most well maintained / cleaned. 


Thanks all,

Stay safe,


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