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Elefant corporation!

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Has anybody used this company?

i ¬†ordered a M113 fuel tank from them,despite an email stating posted on the22nd Dec nothing has arrivedūü§Ē

they are not responding to my enquiries either!

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I have used them.  Good stuff when it eventually arrived months later but rubbish service.


Same experience as you.  Placed order 20 Oct for about £88.  No way of calculating shipping but I expected UK shipping as they say they're UK based in London - which I now believe to be a lie.  All other indications are that they are in the Czech Republic and English is clearly not a first language.  Nothing happened.  Emailed them: no response.  On 10 Nov a PayPal money request arrived with, guess what, £13 shipping - so clearly from outside the UK.  It didn't specifically say so, but the cost did.  It would have been nice to know the shipping cost in advance.  That was about an extra 15% on the cost.  Paid but goods didn't arrive until some time in December, despite the PayPal invoice saying they now had everything in stock.  Things they showed as in stock clearly weren't.


Don't think I'd deal with them again.

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Well if it follows the same pattern, watch out for a PayPal money/payment request - with a substantial shipping bill!


If your order has not yet been paid and certainly hasn't been shipped, there is a clear case for the Czech(?) VAT element to now be removed from the price.  Perhaps this is part of the delay.  Or they might claim to actually be British and that VAT is still correctly due.  But mine came directly from across the Channel, not via a UK location.  In which case Import VAT will now likely still be charged.


I'm about to have the same argument with a Polish supplier where I ordered goods in early November but they only shipped yesterday.  In normal times they would have arrived long before now.  Polish customs told them that anything shipped on or before 31 Jan would not be charged UK Import VAT, but anything after that would be fair game.  I've already paid the Polish VAT and I'm not paying VAT again.......!  But of course if I don't pay what could be £50 in VAT and fees then I don't get my £180 worth of goods (ex VAT).

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