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1/48 - de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10 by Airfix - released


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And the photographs.....


The cockpit and instruments. 

The seat is a pressed metal bucket for a parachute.

This A/C has 4 point belts in black webbing. 

Conventional instrument pannel, simple enough, no fuel gauges, they are on the upper wing...



Magneto switches on the left, the long rod on the right is the flap control lever. Note the padded edge and the sad zipped bag on the RHS wall. 



This is the fuel filler and gauge. It sits almost 5mm proud of the wing.  




Note also the fuel tank vent pipe. There is a twin fitting on the other wing. 


Next the canopy, forst the outside: note the two levers to open and the vent panel in the roof between the clear panels. 




The same view from the inside....




Note the D handles: the A/C can be flown with the hood open, but is normally flown closed. The yellow levers jettison the hood by releasing the front catches, slipstream does the rest. The canopy slides along the center rail. 


Time to look at the undercarriage. 




The wheel has a 4 piston disk brake, the oleo strut has been locked in the "in flight" position, which is wrong for an A/C on the ground. I believe Airfix supply the leg in both positions! 


Now to the top of the leg....




The landing light is on the Right side only, it is 4" in diameter. The anti spin "Toblerone" ridges are pop riveted on.  they don't stop a spn, but make the pre-spin conditions very obvious. 


The next photo is of the rear fuselage...




Note the anti spin strakes and the very obvious aluminium "thing" just in front. I've no idea what it is: Ideas? 

There seems to be an insulated band about half way up. 


Now to the front...




I was going to show you the engine, but there isn't one.... a structure has been made to hold the prop! 


Some comments: 


The wings aft of the main spar and controls are all fabric covered, with zipped access points at various places. 

The rivets... some are large, others smaller and some pop rivets with a hole in the centre. Anyone feel like drilling those out? 


The A/C is available for very close inspection, inside and out, at Boscombe Down Aviation Collection. I'm there every Thursday afternoon. 


Let me know if you need a photo of a particular part! 












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The one fault I coukd find was on the set of undercarriage designed for flight i.e. the oleos are extended... One is missing the lug to attach the main wheel. Definitely looks mis-moulded rather than snapped. I'm not bothered as mine will be on it's undercarriage but even if not, it's easily fixed.

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