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FW-190F-8, Eduard 1/48

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I've finished that model few months ago - it was first big (not 1/144) aircraft model I've finished since mid 90s (and first one painted with airbrush). It is weekend edition and I was slightly disappointed with it. It's old Eduard's Fw190, it supposed to have open engine and few other hatches. I prefer to do my models closed and it turned out that it's impossible to close engine without cutting off half of it - not a nice thing after spending a lot of time painting and weathering it. Other open hatches don't fit well as well. I've expected more from Eduard tbh. I've heard new Fw190 from Eduard are much better, maybe I'll grab one more since that my favourite German II War airplane. Painted with MiG Ammo paints.











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8 hours ago, Gary Brantley said:

She looks great; very nice work indeed! :clap2:  I'm diggin' that paint work especially. 👍  First airbrush job?   Then please take a bow!  🍻

I meant first big one painted with airbrush - models I've finished in 90s were painted with brush, but I'm using airbrush to paint small miniatures (1/100, 1/144) for years :).

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