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Need help making canopy transparencies please

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05 01 2021

Hey all. I just received my 1/48 Buck Rogers Thunderfighter resin model made by Alain Rivard Model Shop (he's on Facebook).


It's a good looking model but there's no transparencies for the canopy nor is there even templates to cut clear plastic ( or whatever) to the correct shape and install these.


Would anyone be able to advise me what the best material would be good to use to make the cockpit transparencies please and where I might get some from?


Thanks in advance



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Pictures always help!


Google suggests that model's transparencies are flat or simple curves. If that's the case, then you could look at thinner clear plastic packaging or some clear polystyrene sheet, such as this.

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Have you contacted the maker/supplier?

It seems odd that anyone would release a kit that isn't actually complete and transparent parts can be the worst parts to have to scratch-make yourself.

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