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Macchi C. 200 "Arrow" - Revell 1/72

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The Macchi "Saetta" was another product of Castoldi - the great designer behind the Italian Seaplanes.      This fighter morphed into the M.202 once it was mated with the German Daimler Benz DB601.   Alfa Romeo produced the DB on license for the Regia Aeronautica.   The Saetta had a 950 odd hp radial - and weak armament.  


 The Revell kit is quite old - no cockpit floor...pilot can look right onto the ground once the landing gear is down!  Still, with a bit of filling, its not so bad.    I have always had a weak spot for the Macchi, and have completed 3 of them - one in captured RAF colors (see below).    I also like the fact that these small aircraft fit into the smaller Academy display cases....





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Well tidy mun,I too have a soft spot for this diminutive fighter.I wish someone would release a modern 1/72 kit of this little gem.



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There is a Hobby Boss kit of this aircraft that is inexpensive.   I have completed one and have another in the stash...will post the photos of that one eventually....

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