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1/48 TBD-1 Devastator - GWH -VT-8 Midway

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Hello Jurek,

What can I say. It just looks fantastic.👍

Regards, Orion

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37 minutes ago, 28ZComeback said:

How did you add the smallish “dots” of off-blue paint on the upper side of the wings? 

Well, I call it brush spit. You take wash (Dark Wash with AK in this model) for the brush and blow air out of the airbrush. A quick but risky method, but you can easily remove wrong dots because it's wash. 😉

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Not a subject that is normally on my radar (although I do remember my Dad enjoyed building the Airfix kit all those years ago).


I have a number of GWH fast jets so I know what to expect with the quality but this is very nice.....superbly finished.


Well Done, Sir !   

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