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My first 1:35 scale AFV - Centaur Mk IV

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Let me present my first 1:35 scale armoured vehicle - the Centaur Mk IV by Tamiya. Brush painted with a “home brew” Tamiya acrylic mix of SCC 2 to represent “Hunter” from H Troop, 2nd Battery, 1st Armoured Support Regiment, Royal Marines Armoured Support Group, Normandy, June 1944. Weathered with various oil and acrylic washes. 

Thanks for looking.











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Thanks! The “scale”  on the turret was for use during the beach assault in Normandy, where the tanks were used to give close support to the infantry. The scale is actually degree markings that could be used by spotters to align the turrets even when smoke obscured the direct line of sight. 

See here for more details: http://tank-photographs.s3-website-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/pegasus-bridge-centaur-tank-memorial.html

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Thanks @Bullbasket. It was an impulse buy, which actually sat on the shelf 80 % complete for most of last year. Managed to make a hash of painting the road wheels, and almost ran out of my home-brew mix. But it was actually a very straightforward build - probably a good choice for my first one. I was a bit nervous of the decals for the turret, but they worked flawlessly. Be interesting to see the Airfix Cromwells once they are available.


I’m just starting a Bronco Comet that I picked up at the weekend (on opening the box it doesn’t look as challenging as the Staghound I struggled with).

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