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My 1:25 Tumbler from Batman Begins (2005) by Moebius Models. Great kit overall, had some fitment issues getting the windshield attached, but I'm glad I test fitted before cementing. Done with Tamiya and Testors spray cans, chipping done with silver craft paints followed by a light dusting of Tamiya pigments.










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Cool. I like the other one as well, great paint job. Is that from one of the movies as well? (sorry, not into the superhero movies, I guess that's obvious 😉


I like your photography as well. 

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Awwwww yeah, that looks stunning, I have this kit and am reluctant to build it as I don't think I'll do it justice ☹ if it came out half as good as this I'd be happy! That BVS one is bloody massive, and excellently finished, best bit of the film.



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Excellent work!  I love that you've added some visual interest and character, over and above the basic black!


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