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1/72 Airfix Phantom FG.1 XT597 25th Anniversary

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I finished this kit around the end of August last year. it's the Airfix FG.1 Phantom with the following upgrades


Freightdog Nose

Aerocraft Intakes

Xtradecal Decals (X72296)

Eduard Canopy Mask

Master Probe Set

Paints were Humbrol (blue and red) and Testors (white)


I'm usually an "out of the box" builder and the above modifications were something rare for me. I would like to be more complimentary of the Airfix kit because it does have a lot of nice features (folded wings, extended flue probe, etc) but I did find it a challenge and perhaps the modifications added to my frustrations. :)












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Frustrations and annoyances aside, that's a little belter.

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5 hours ago, Alpha Delta 210 said:

Awesome result! I have vague recollections of seeing this machine at Greenham Common as a lad.


Thanks, apparently the was at least one other Phantom there in 1983, XT863 "G" No 111 Sqd and I have the decals for it and a couple of Fujimi kits so I plan to build one in the scheme from that weekend and display them side by side.  

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