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One Giant Leap For Mankind, Just A Pootle Round The Garden For A Martian

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By a strange coincidence a mint kit is on its way to Cape Martian as we speak.

 There's a good article on the kit, here on my favourite rocketry site, Ninfinger. It includes a useful guide for super-detailing the thing...right up Martian's alley.




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Great to see a real space rocket thread from you Martian, I do recall we talked a lot about such things when we last spoke on the phone. It's good to see some good old fashioned modelling from you again, and look at this thread, page 3 already. What newspaper was it that used page 3 for the more interesting news......? 😜



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Space rockets you say?

Wonderful to see you back at it especially with such a different kettle of fish 🐠 🛸. Albeit a very apt kettle dear Martian.

The kits look great and the scratch building is ace.👏👏👏

I’ll tag along for the ride if I may.



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