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Gloster Gladiator Mk.I, Airfix, 1/72

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Gloster Gladiator Mk.I from Airfix, Belgian Air Force, 1938. My last build of 2020.

My first biplane build. Used EZ Line for struts. I know they are supposed to be silver or at least grey however EZ Line doesn't make that color and I didn't want to wait to get another product as I wanted to finish it in 2020.

Plastic sprue was not an option as I can't make it that thin. I didn't try to paint EZ Line - I thought that wouldn't look good.
Tamiya Acrylic paints. I don't like how Aluminium turned out - too grainy, I should work more on that one. Used Matt Olive Drab as per instructions as top color - doesn't look exactly as in the manual however close to Belgian Air Force Gladiators built by fellow modellers.

Happy New Year everyone!















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Beautiful job on this excellent recent kit from Airfix. I built one of these a few years ago and totally screwed it up trying to rig it with EZ-line. I made the mistake of trying to bond the line directly to the wings/ fuselage using CA which made a terrible mess. I have learned since then that rigging goes much smoother for me if I tie the line to bonded eyelets (such as Bob’s Buckles).


I totally agree with your comment related to the “grainy” appearance of Tamiya acrylic aluminum (XF-16?), particularly on smaller scale subjects. I’ve used it on 1/32 aircraft and the graininess on a silver doped WWI aircraft doesn’t look quite as bad to my eye. On 1/48 or 1/72 aircraft, I either use a rattle can lacquer like Tamiya AS-12 bare metal or TS-17 aluminum for non-polished NMF or doped silver or an Alclad metalizer  over black gloss enamel or lacquer for polished NMF. The grainy XF-16 works great for cast engine blocks on any scale. 

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1 hour ago, Spitfire31 said:

Oh, the old "spacer.png" problem again X 8. Google?

That's strange - I can see images on a computer but not on my phone. And I'm not using Google, hosting images on my own site. How about this one?

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Very nice Gladiator! Not a scheme seen modeled very often, but very attractive. Nice rigging, too! Happy New Year to you and yours- stay safe in 2021!


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Nice one!


I agree with the Tamiya graininess. I just started using an airbrush and sprayed some old Tamiya XF-16 ( 28ml. bottle ) on a paint mule and it looked great.

But on my 1/72 Airfix Hurricane, I used a new 14ml. bottle of XF-16 and it is a bit more grainy.










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I used super glue that I applied with sharpened toothpick. Tried to keep amount of glue to a minimum. I applied to a model first, then attach one side of ez-line.
Then cut ez-line shorter that I need and attach the other end same way - little drop of super glue, then ez-line. It stretches very well so no need to worry about exact length.

I thought dried glue would be more visible but it turned out ok, better than I'd expected. 

For struts that have 3 touch points (like ones on the tail) I used one line - glued 2 end points first, then stretched and glued the middle. For that one I used dull knife to keep contact point smaller and not to make a mess.
I hope I've answered your question.

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Always good to see a Gladiator, truly one of the most beautiful interwar types IMO, and even better to see international schemes! Hopefully more are on the way?

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