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well the year that was...started with a spitfire

49452713787_36aca58c46_h.jpg83171320_1180390115489692_6180200447064670208_o by paul sabin, on Flickr

an Airfix MKxii....and i loved the build...i may have to chase another one when EN224 flys again

49665255656_51331c4dd7_b.jpg89997074_1218076011721102_5538739715538157568_n by paul sabin, on Flickr

next was a back dated Tamiya Beaufighter using red roo tailplanes seats and short exhausts i created a very early MK1f beaufighter.

49730787598_74f0982e28_b.jpg91560990_1229834767211893_988109573506203648_n by paul sabin, on Flickr

then a Tamiya KI61 using Hasegawa decals for a pretty unique aircraft...and one of my best attempts at weathering.


then a Clearprop 1/72 KI51 Sonia...a pretty nice kit.

49907480482_1a9774851e_b.jpg97424459_1268231026705600_1512348797710106624_n by paul sabin, on Flickr

a Arma 1/72 Hurricane MK1 trop...what a great kit....the only change from the box was a vacformed sliding hood.

50006540888_90624d68b7_b.jpg103265929_1292241580971211_7804950003951768723_n by paul sabin, on Flickr

then i went a little nuts......3 racing Mustangs

50007072951_f3cf343423_b.jpg102774209_1292241810971188_7311443634206726689_n by paul sabin, on Flickr

Civilized models "Miss Foxy Lady"....a fun build went together pretty well for a full resin kit.

50007633291_f919301730_b.jpg103644561_1292848684243834_693308961908312906_n by paul sabin, on Flickr

civilized models "somethingelse"...same as Miiss Foxy Lady....a nice kit to build..the real aircraft are actually the same airframe.....now flying as a stock TF51 "crazy horse 2"

50007069841_44c79b7e74_b.jpg103837283_1292241844304518_6501931251802166648_n by paul sabin, on Flickr

and then there is this....a contrail 1/72 kit of the racing mustang "strega"......it was a fight amd to be honest i didnt think i would get it finished at times..the canopy is painted black as it was a solid piece of "clear" resin that you couldnt see through. a shame as it has a pretty nice interior

50132537996_890db504b0_b.jpg107500421_1319858991542803_627809538400270608_n by paul sabin, on Flickr

a Hasagawa 1/72 KI46-11 dinah...to me one of the most beautiful planes of WW11

50280619368_3f8d53b34d_b.jpg118529099_1358125727716129_8206717514603000992_n (1) by paul sabin, on Flickr

an accurate minitures TBM with a Lone Star conversion for a Hemut Valley firebomber....firebombers have become a theme.

50399251918_ffd2e1f196_b.jpg120412561_1384292981766070_6123926389262472655_n by paul sabin, on Flickr

an Airfix 1/48 Seafury i really enjoyed this kit....it's all out of box (except the decals) and other than sanding down the rivets on the tail planes next time i thought it was a great kit.

50588883796_528e663eb1_b.jpg123721867_1420308251497876_1028714040415487339_n by paul sabin, on Flickr

to me this one is pretty special.....it's an all resin 1/48 tigercat...a pretty old kit done by Cezchmasters in the 1980's and marketed in the west buy Aviation USK...it was a great build...i wish i'd lightened the back and maybe put a Lone star interior in it..it has a lone star 1000gallon tank and Caracal decals...but i am so proud of

50588136213_ff299213c1_b.jpg124120436_1420186541510047_2462664937319297146_n by paul sabin, on Flickr

and my final build...i started this about 15 years ago when a mate had a real one...it's a fujimi Skyline R34 GTT ..with aftermarket Advan wheels.


i did alot this year as in Melbourne Australia we couldn't go out for much of this year...but i actually made more kits than i bought...so a good year...i may do less building for 2021(though another firebomber is closing on being finished)...but i do look forward to catching up with friends and going out with family........but i suspect there will be a bit of modelling to come.


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