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Australian M3 Stuart Light Tank (Mirage 1:72)

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First completion for the year, the Mirage M3 Stuart completed as an Australian example in New Guinea. It’s very small in 1:72 scale! Also an experiment using a new (to me) brand of paint - Mig AMMO acrylic. My local hobby shop is running low on my usual Tamiya paint so I thought I should give this a go. Not entirely convinced - may need to give it another go. It brush painted ok over a coat of Tamiya acrylic as a primer. 

The kit has a great decal sheet, allowing you to complete the tank as a whole

bunch of different examples from the 2/6 th Australian Armoured Regiment in New Guinea in late 1942-early 1943. You can read all about their actions on the ANZAC Steel website here.


I completed mine as “Captain Kidd”, of C  Squadron, 2/6th Australian Armoured Regiment at Buna, 18 December 1942. This tank was commanded by Cpl Tom Byrnes, but also had on board the squadron commander Captain N Whitehead as it was the command tank for the action at Buna. Captain Whitehead was injured during the attack, and the commanding officer of the regiment, Lt Col Hodgson took over until he was also injured. The tank was subsequently destroyed by a magnetic mine. Of the seven tanks in action on 18 December 1942, three were lost.











And finally against an Australian $2 coin for scale (which is similar in size to a British pound coin)




Thanks for looking.



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