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1/144 - Douglas DC-8 by Eastern Express - 3D renders+box art - release in 2021


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Eastern Express is to release 1/144th Douglas DC-8 kits

Source: http://www.pas-decals.ru/forum/novosti/1078-novinki-vostochnyj-ekspress?start=621#39553

Box art




Source: http://www.pas-decals.ru/forum/novosti/1078-novinki-vostochnyj-ekspress?start=810#42073

3D renders








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  • Homebee changed the title to 1/144 - Douglas DC-8 by Eastern Express - 3D renders+box art - release in 2021

Hope we get a Xenu livery for the Scientologists!🕵️‍♀️


"...Xenu was about to be deposed from power, so he devised a plot to eliminate the excess population from his dominions. With the assistance of psychiatrists, he gathered billions of his citizens under the pretence of income tax inspections, then paralyzed them and froze them in a mixture of alcohol and glycol to capture their souls. The kidnapped populace was loaded into spacecraft for transport to the site of extermination, the planet of Teegeeack (Earth). The appearance of these spacecraft would later be subconsciously expressed in the design of the Douglas DC-8, the only difference being; "the DC8 had fans, propellers on it and the space plane didn't". When they had reached Teegeeack, the paralyzed citizens were off-loaded, and placed around the bases of volcanoes across the planet. Hydrogen bombs were then lowered into the volcanoes and detonated simultaneously,[8] killing all but a few aliens. Hubbard described the scene in his film script, Revolt in the Stars"

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