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Hi Chaps,

Well 2020 proved to be quite a productive year with 10 models completed and a few more well advanced but to be completed in 2021 .

The first model was built in February for  @trickyrich's 'Nordic Group Build', a Special Hobby Saab Viggen. Modifcations made to the cannards and scratch built Anti ship missiles


IMG_5535 (2)


@rob85's  'In the Navy Group Build' allowied me to build a New Zealand Navy SH2G from Kittyhawks excellent kit.



The 'In the Navy Group Build' also encouraged a Fairey Fulmar. Quite a challenging kit which has been in the stash for many years with more work added by the scratch build wing fold.




I missed the 'Battle of Britain Group Build' as I was moving countries so clearly the Spitfire Mk1 was for @TEMPESTMK5's  'Spitfire Group Build'. The Albion refueller started for the BoBGB is still awaiting completion.




Probably the most complex build but the most satisfying for the year was backdating the Airfix Buccaneer S2B to the NA39 prototype in @Col.'s Buccaneer Group Build.




For a bit of fun I joined @Dansk's  'Kit you built as a Kid' Group Build' with the Airfix AEC Matador and gun.




Pretty much from the box but somewhat challenging was the Special Hobby Barracuda. Too late for the 'In the Navy Group Build', this one found its way into @Wez 'Journey's End Group Build'




Also eligible for the 'In the Navy Group Build', The derelect Corsair was in @Corsairfoxfouruncle's 'Corsair Group Build',




Finally to partner the Bucaneer prototype, the 'Tornado Warning Group Build' gave rise to the prototype MRCA 002.




The 2 tier British Armour Group Build never got off the Ground so I built the BAe Warrior for @Enzo Matrix's  'They Also Serve Group Build'.



10 models completed for 6 Group Builds and 3 Single type group builds. 

Thanks to Enzo for facilitating all these and to the Mods for leading the way.

Happy New Year


Colin W

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Quite a varied selection there Colin, well done on your year's output!

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A lovely collection,  loved the derelict Corsair and the Barracuda too. They are all fantastic. 

Great work. 

Happy New Year 


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No New Zealand diorama would be complete without a sheep!

Nice range of subjects. I like the back-dated ones.

Trust you have settled in well back in 'ampshire, Pommyland.


Peter M

(Still in the land of smiles, but without the C19 mess many of the 'Western countries seem to be in)

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Nice builds! I missed the derelict Corsair first time around, but your backdated Buccaneer has been bookmarked for when I get around to the ancient Airfix NA-39 kit (which needs most of the same mods).




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