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Another 1/350 HMS Berwick 1940

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Hi guys!
Here I am with my monthly photo report.








Finished the main gun turrets, painted them and put them in place. No glue yet.

Finally got the bow boom to the condition I had in mind. Reworked the water jets several times. Would very much like to hear what you think, how believable it is:







@Chewbacca @Ex-FAAWAFU and others, unknown to me so far, gentlemen who have seen a serious ship in a serious sea, I will be very happy to hear your critique! Believe me, I'm not asking for compliments! Perhaps there is still room for improvement.

By the way an interesting tip on making water jets was found in Ruben Gonzalez:



I tried it, using "liquid nails" glue instead of AK8002. Doesn't look bad!


PS I thought that after the 8'' turrets, refinishing the rest of the parts was a matter of technique. But Trumpeter had other plans!

Look at the PE detail that is supposed to represent the crane arm. It's very neat, beautiful, one problem - the boom turns out to be unrealistically narrow. Here is a photo of a real crane.



I had to arm myself with a soldering iron, superglue and hope for the grace of God. Here's the result. 






More later...



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:gobsmacked::yikes:the water cascading from the bows is stunning, squint your eyes and apply a tiny amount of imagination and you can see the water move.

The solder work on the PE is excellent, well done.

All in all, an outstanding piece of work. :clap:


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Got to agree with @Faraway , the water effects look pretty realistic to me. I've tried a similar technique to the above with vallejo products (link) and got good results, although I used a bobbled a4 folder wallet to add some texture, which was painted with their high gloss gel and then peeled off (and means you can mass produce for later projects). A bit of cotton wool mixed in to some of it can give some different effects too. However, it didn't turn out anywhere nearly as good as the above.



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Looking at that Vallejo link, makes me realise how talented some people are. 
I don’t think I could ever produce something like that. And as for @thekz water over the bows effect, well, that is hugely impressive.

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Hi guys!

Forgive me for not writing anything for a while. I haven't taken a break from my Berwick at all, nor have I been busy with other projects. On the contrary - I have been very busy.

I'll report back item by item:





1. These are the cranes that turned out. It's a shame, the way manufacturers usually simplify them!






2. The big launches. We have even had a discussion about a motor one with a deckhouse.

I agree with @Dave Swindell and @Ships doc who have written that the look of the dinghy is questionable. but I have long ago made a deckhouse for this barge in the course of testing a new soldering iron and really wanted to use it. As a result, on the starboard side will be such a non-skid dinghy :facepalm:



3. All sorts of trivia and the latest generation of homemade sailors. 



4. As the cherry on the cake - 8 barrel pom-poms. Used parts from kit, syringe needles, copper wire, foil and flywheels 1.2mm from our favourite NorthStar Models as ... gunsights :giggle:

All good things come to an end sometime. I finished with finalizing parts for Berwick. All that remains is to paint the parts of this post, put them in place, pull the remaining rigging and raise the flags on the halyards. The work is already well under way




Anyway, expect my Berwick in RFI by Christmas.
Thanks to everyone who reads me 💜💜💜


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I'm big fan of your details and specially figures. I think you can teach North star Models and another manufacturers how to create small scale human miniatures.

👍 👏



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