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Valvoline Ford Thunderbird

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All the best for a Covid free new year


I started this one a few weeks ago and decided to modify the livery slightly in keeping with some of my other models along the same theme. Built straight from the box, an enjoyable model, with most bits connecting well but have struggled with the decals as unable to get the wrinkles out without ripping and general alignment. I'm fairly happy with the results of the finished model, some small details to change and a good polish but otherwise as expected.


I'm not one for fine detail (although i do appreciate it on others superb models) as I do get a bit impatient, I like the models to look good on display, rather than finely detailed


Hope you like





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Very nice. It reminds me I really ought to tackle another NASCAR at some point. Or one of those similar style Nascar Pickup trucks, if I can find one. There are lots of Nascar kits but you rarely see them crop up on forums.


I've always liked this strong Valvoline livery.

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Looks excellent!

I think Mark Martin would like it too!

Is it an AMT or a Monogram kit? 

Having the front wheels slightly turned really adds some interest too!


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