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Eduard 1/72 Hellcat Mk.I / Mk.II Dual Combo

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It's very rare that a new kit gets built straight away. I tend to buy 2 or 3 at a time, predominantly online. Once they arrive, I have a look at the contents and think "that will be cool to build one day...". The kits then get closed up and disappear into the ever expanding stash. I've currently been working on some intensive projects which have been a bit of a time-sink, so it's felt as though I've somewhat stagnated with my attempts to cull the backlog and was starting to lose my 'mojo'.  

So, yesterday, I did something I haven't done since I started the hobby 4 years ago: I went to the LHS, picked out a cool looking kit, and immediately started building.


The kit: Eduard 1/72 Hellcat Mk. I / Mk. II Dual Combo




As the name implies, the kit contains two complete models, including masks and photoetch for both. There are markings for 7 different aircraft. 

As stated, this kit has jumped to the front of the build queue, but will be progressed as a palate cleanser for when I need a break from the larger projects. As a result, they will both be built purely OOB


The kit provides parts to build a single example of a Mk.I and a Mk.II. I'll be building both at the same time, and have already chosen the below schemes:

  • Hellcat Mk.I JV131, 800 Sqn. FAA, HMS Emperor, June 1944


  • Hellcat Mk.II JZ796, 808 Sqn. FAA, SubLt Oscar Lorenzo, HMS Khedive and HMS Trincomalee, Ceylon 1945



Besides a cursory attempt at a few progress shots during the current Heller GB, this will be my first proper WIP. Feel free to provide comment and critique along the way.


I have already started to assemble both cockpits in preparation for painting. Once I get some colour down, I'll post another update.


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Posted (edited)

Tonight I got the airbrush out and base colour both cockpits with interior green over a black primer, as well as the fuselage halves, sidewalls and control panels.


Still to follow:

  • Detail painting
  • Weathering
  • Oil Wash
  • Interior photoetch
  • Final assembly and dull coat


Hopefully start to chip away at the above over the next few nights.






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With a couple of hours at the bench today, the cockpits have been completed. There's a fair bit of coloured PE involved, with 25 pieces for each cockpit. This includes individual levers, which at 1/72 scale they are almost microscopic. Thankfully I only lost 1 in the process. 


Tonight I'll hopefully have the fuselage halves buttoned up for both kits.


Thanks for looking, these were the best macro shots I could manage with the camera on my phone. 









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