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Dear Colleagues


Enclosed is my last model of 2020.  A year when society actually encouraged us to stay indoors and get down to serious modelling, not that we needed much persuading.


In truth the BA-10 was more of an armoured lorry than fully functioning armoured car.  A modest 50 HP was powering two rear axles only.  On the plus side this was probably the most powerfully armed armoured car of the period and ran on solid tyres.  The few that survived Operation Barbarossa probably had their small moment of glory in the November winter counter offensive in front of Moscow.




The HobbyBoss kit has a nice quality of plastic and sensible parts breakdown.  However, the headlights fall off as soon as you sneeze shortly followed by the front bumper (brass)!  The fit of the lower sloped armour plates and front mud guards are somewhat vague.




The only aftermarket used were the resin wheels from PanzerArt (designed for the Miniart Gaz)




Here you can see my team working on the chassis and engine




Where the heck are we?




The rear view rather reminds me of the daleks!


Hope you like?


Looking forward to more freedom in 2021 





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Thank you for your kind words Guys


I don't want to give my workshop team a day off as they have to complete the tracks on my T-60 before the clock strikes midnight!


Happy New Year to everyone



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Very nice indeed, both the A/C and the workshop. This is a kit that has always interested me.



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