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Revell F-14D 1:72

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Recently finished f-14D 1:72 by revell. 
Nice fitting model. Good detail. 
Only issue being the main fuse upper paint seemed a bit dark so needed lightening up, especially since all the pictures available seem to be old and faded aircraft. Otherwise a nice kit. 

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4 minutes ago, Jeff G said:

Well done! Is there a wing mechanism to move them? And how did you find it's assembly if so?

Thanks Jeff

The wings are geared together and it’s quite sturdy and easy to assemble just smooth off the gears so they run without catching. The instructions have you fit the leading edge glove vanes which aren’t connected to the wings in this model unlike my other f-14. 
I removed the glove vanes and filled the slot since they where deactivated and removed on the D variant. 

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