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Hello folks. 


I would love to make a model of an Anglo Saxon king. Ideally it would be based on the helmet found in the Staffordshire Hoard or at Sutton Hoo. I don't really have any preference about scale as long as it is ~50 - 150mm tall. 


Thank you for helping out a clueless non figure guy.



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Thank you both,


I had never head of them before so am really pleased I asked. I have ordered this one: 



I have never done any figure painting before so I don't expect to do a great job but the figure looks ace.

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Andrea figure sculpting is 1st class. Unlike some others their figures have some 'animation' in them.

It'll be a new learning experience dealing with a white-metal kit

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Late arriving to this post!

If you get the urge to do some more, try this one!





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