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Heller 1/72 Bf 109F


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Messerschmitt Bf 109F-4/B was piloted by Oswald Fischer of 10/JG 26 who was shot down near Beachy Head by anti-aircraft fire while attacking a Royal Navy vessel in May 1942. It seems that the aircraft was kept until a serviceable engine or cylinder block could be acquired from a downed aircraft in the Middle East. In August of 1943, the aircraft was delivered to No. 1426 Enemy Aircraft Flight, Collyweston, on 12 April 1943. A F/Lt R.F. Forbes flew the aircraft at RAF Collyweston on 24 October, while it was still in Luftwaffe markings. Shortly after that, it was painted in RAF colours and given the serial NN644, keeping the white 11 and bomb markings. RAF pilots had similar ground handling problems with the 109 as did Luftwaffe pilots. In July of 1944, the port wing and aileron where damaged when an RAF pilot ground looped it on landing at RAF Thurleigh, Bedfordshire. The Messerschmitt passed to the Enemy Aircraft Flight at Tangmere in January of 1945 and went into storage at No. 47 MU at RAF Sealand in November of that year. It was later scrapped.

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